Dear Project64 Community

For over two decades, I've been wholeheartedly committed to Project64. Since the beginning, I have been driven to create the perfect Nintendo 64 emulator that users can enjoy and play there favorite games with.

Financial support is the most impactful way to help Project64 thrive. When you contribute to this project, you're not just expressing gratitude – you're directly enabling me to advance its development, creating the best N64 emulator available.

It's worth noting that Project64 will stay free! You can still use all the features of the emulator even if you do not support it.

Supporting the project also has the benefit of removing the prompt asking for support. After you have finished the support process you will receive an email usually within a few minutes (check spam mail if you do not see it) that contains a code you can enter to remove this window.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If a new version of Project64 comes out, will the code still work
Short Answer: Yes.
Long answer: While I cannot guarantee it will forever, there is no plan for it to change how it works. So it should work for all future version of Project64.

Question: I have more than one computer, can I use the one code on multiple computers
Answer: The code for 3.0 is just for one computer, but you can request on multiple computers with the same support

Question: Do I get anything out of it?
Answer: You will get a code that will remove the window asking for support, that is it.

Question: How long does it take to get the code to remove the support window?
Answer: You will receive the information by email, usually within a few minutes.

Question: Why is it set up as a recurring payment
Answer: It is set up as a monthly payment so the people who can and would like to support the project can just leave it running. If the person just wants to make a one off payment or just trying to remove the nag window then they can cancel at any time, basically making it the same as a one time payment.

If you have any other questions about registering or if you wish to check up on the status of your registration, please contact us.

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