Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are things that we often get asked about Project64, with the official answers from the PJ64 team, thanks to users for contributions.

New PJ64 users: please take the time to read through these pages - use the search too! - so we don't have to keep answering the same questions on the forum. You'll get a quicker answer and save our time!


  • General

    The most frequently asked frequently asked questions ;)
    • Where do I get / download the games / ROMs?

    • When is the next release / version / update of PJ64 coming out?

    • Will your port PJ64 to MacOS / Linux / PSP / any other platform?

    • Will you release newer source / the source code to v1.6?

    • Does Project64 support 'netplay' / multiplayer over LAN or Internet?

    • Do you have / where is a compatibility list for PJ64?

    • How do I install / uninstall / reinstall Project64?

    • What types of file compression does PJ64 support? / Can PJ64 load ROMs in rar,7z,ace etc?

    • How do i use PJ64 with frontends / HTPCs / Arcade or Cabinet setups?

      It's possible to use Project64 v1.6 with a frontend, but please read through and understand these points carefully before trying (v1.7 should support frontends better, with things like customizable shortcuts!).

      • The command line sent to Project64 by the frontend must be right. Project64 puts its own quotes around the path and filename, so even for long filenames with spaces you don't add quotes (this is unlike most emulators, unfortunately).

      Project64.exe C:\Some path\some folder\some rom.v64 - OK, PJ64 will load this ROM
      Project64.exe "C:\Some path\some folder\some rom.v64" - NOT OK, you'll get a Cannot load "file" error or similar.

      Your frontend should have options to not use quotes - if it doesn't, and always sends with quotes, you cannot use that frontend with Project64. Ask the frontend author for support. 

      • Project64 does not support any other command line parameters!

      You should get the config (controls, plugin settings etc, per ROM settings etc.) right in Windows and preferably check each of your games first before trying to play games through your frontend. As you will not be using Project64's ROM Browser, it's recommended to become familiar with Project64's game compatibility by reading all notes in the browser for the games you have.

      • PJ64 has an option to automatically go fullscreen after loading a ROM. You'll want to enable this, and your frontend should be able to hide the Windows desktop.

      • PJ64 does not currently have a way to remap shortcut keys - you cannot change ESCAPE to exit instead of toggling to windowed. This can be a problem for frontends setups that expect all apps to quit instantly on ESC. (1.7 beta has shortcut editor!) The keyboard shortcut to exit Project64 instantly in fullscreen is ALT+F4 like a standard Windows app.

      There are a lot of frontends in existence, of very varying price and quality. The only frontend I (Smiff) recommend and am willing to support is GameEx because it first supported PJ64 (before we knew about it) and now we are in contact with the author (GameEx is a free (nag screen asking for donations) frontend based on .NET that works on WinXP or MCE). It can remap Escape key to close processes, and also now it can exit PJ64 properly by sending ALT+F4. An example configuration for PJ64 comes supplied with GameEx so it should be easy to get working, it is verified by us to work well.

    • Why does Project64 hang/crash/reboot my PC?

    • Does PJ64 write to the install folder? / Can I use PJ64 if i'm not an Administrator?

    • Which parts of the N64 are emulated by PJ64 / Do you support the 4MB Exp. Pak?

    • Can Project64 load ROMs from CD / flash memory / ROM / Read only memory?

    • How do I get Rice / Direct64 / Glide64 etc. 3rd party plugins to load in Project64?

    • I've found a bug, where do I report it?

    • What operating systems does Project64 run on?

    • What operating systems does Project64 not run on?

  • Plugins

    General questions about plugins. For Qs about particular PJ64 plugins see categories below.
  • Common GameFAQs

    Common questions about games. For questions about specific games please see the Games section .
  • Rules

    Everyone has to have some :/
  • Saving & Loading

  • Performance

  • Video

    Questions mainly relating to Jabo's Direct3D plugins (we do not support other video plugins).
  • Audio

    Questions mainly relating to Jabo's DirectSound plugin (we do not support other audio plugins).
  • Input

    Questions mainly about Jabo's DirectInput plugin (we do not support other input plugins).
  • RSP

    Questions about Project64's Reality Signal Processor (RSP) plugin.