Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are things that we often get asked about Project64, with the official answers from the PJ64 team, thanks to users for contributions.

New PJ64 users: please take the time to read through these pages - use the search too! - so we don't have to keep answering the same questions on the forum. You'll get a quicker answer and save our time!


  • General

    The most frequently asked frequently asked questions ;)
  • Plugins

    General questions about plugins. For Qs about particular PJ64 plugins see categories below.
  • Common GameFAQs

    Common questions about games. For questions about specific games please see the Games section .
  • Rules

    Everyone has to have some :/
  • Saving & Loading

  • Performance

  • Video

    Questions mainly relating to Jabo's Direct3D plugins (we do not support other video plugins).
  • Audio

    Questions mainly relating to Jabo's DirectSound plugin (we do not support other audio plugins).
  • Input

    Questions mainly about Jabo's DirectInput plugin (we do not support other input plugins).
  • RSP

    Questions about Project64's Reality Signal Processor (RSP) plugin.