Manual / Guides for v1.6

Here is the reference manual for users of PJ64, based closely off Project64.chm included with the emulator but here we can keep working on it to make it better!

The cheat system has been supported on its own website, we aim to merge this soon

  • Requirements

    Minimum and recommended systems for running Project64.
  • Installation

    Help with installing PJ64 for the first time, adding plugins, games, through to removing PJ64 from your system or moving to another PC.
  • Using Project64

    Quick guide to basic tasks in PJ64
  • Configuration: Project64 application

    Guide to setting up and tweaking the Project64 main program, including all the Settings tabs.
  • Configuration: Jabo Direct3D8

    Guide to setting up and tweaking the Project64 video plugin.
  • Configuration: Jabo DirectInput

    Guide to setting up the Project64 input plugin.
  • Configuration: Jabo DirectSound

    Setting up the default audio plugin.
  • Reference

    in-depth information that doesn't fit anywhere else! verifying ROMs, GUI translation, how PJ uses support files, etc.
  • Troubleshooting

    Having stability or graphics, sound or speed problems? Here's how to go about solving almost any problem yourself.
  • Error Messages

    Help with common error messages, what they mean, how to make them go away!