Native Saves

This is real N64 save data as found in save chips in N64 carts:

  • put them in your Project64 \Save folder (or the directory youve configured)
  • usually they work with all regions of a game, but sometimes not - see region notes.
  • 4KB EEPROM, 16KB EEPROM, 32K SRAM or 128K FlashRAM data - should work in any emulator or backup unit, but you may need to rename and/or byteswap the files, see emus/system docs.


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file_icons/prog.gifKirby 64: The Crystal Shards

  • Everything collected and unlocked

File Size:0.27 Kb

file_icons/prog.gifLegend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask

  • All hearts, 24 Masks etc
  • File name is "Link"

File Size:96.13 Kb


  • Everything collected and unlocked

File Size:2.00 Kb

file_icons/prog.gifOgre Battle 64 - Person of Lordly Caliber

  • Almost all classes, many items and it is very close to finish.
  • The two saves have different endings

(Description by save author).


File Size:32.00 Kb

file_icons/prog.gifStar Wars Episode I - Racer

  • All levels completed
  • All racers unlocked
  • All pods upgraded

"I wore out my controller on the stupid Abyss level."

File Size:1.98 Kb

file_icons/prog.gifSuper Smash Bros.

File Size:2.96 Kb

file_icons/prog.gifLegend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time

  • All complete. The file name is "Link".
File Size:32.00 Kb


  • Game complete, everything collected.

File Size:0.50 Kb

file_icons/prog.gifDiddy Kong Racing

  • 100% complete - 47 balloons in adventure, 47 balloons in adventure 2, all gold cups, T.T. and Drumstick unlocked.
File Size:0.50 Kb

file_icons/prog.gifJet Force Gemini

  • 100% complete
  • (rename for (J)?)
File Size:112.13 Kb