"Controller Pak" / Memory Pak / MemPak saves.

  • put in your Project64 \Save folder (or the folder you've configured)
  • make sure you have selected "Memory Pak" in Jabo's input plugin. if using a 3rd party input plugin, loading may be different, read plugin documentation.
  • should be compatible with all emulators and real N64.


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file_icons/prog.gifCastlevania: Legacy of Darkness

  • Everything unlocked

File Size:256.00 Kb

file_icons/prog.gif007 - The World is Not Enough

  • All skins, multiplayer levels, and multiplayer modes unlocked.
  • All single player levels beaten.

File Size:256.00 Kb

file_icons/prog.gifBeetle Adventure Racing

  • All cheats unlocked
  • All multiplayer levels unlocked
  • All champ modes beaten
  • All vehicles unlocked

"The times for the maps are kinda slow, so you should be able to beat them no problem if you have half a clue what you are doing."

File Size:32.00 Kb

file_icons/prog.gifHydro Thunder

  • All levels and boats unlocked, game beaten.
File Size:256.00 Kb

file_icons/prog.gifCastlevania 64

File Size:256.00 Kb

file_icons/prog.gifA Bug's Life

  • Have All Levels Unlocked (This will unlock all levels once you go to Options and Load save)
  • Note: rename this file "A Bugs Life.mpk" to "A Bug's Life.mpk" because of a silly bug in our website, sorry!
File Size:256.00 Kb