Project64 team releases...

Public releases of the complete Project64 package, for Windows systems. Beginners: you want the most recent file here - either v1.6 or the 1.7 beta if you're a member, plus the updates (especially RDB) for your version.

Games not included - do not ask for ROMs. 

C source for parts of v1.4. This is all the source available.
Newer support files, RDB etc. for the current public version of PJ64.
folder_icons/folder_yellow.gifSave Files

N64 game saves, suitable for PJ64. If you have a save file youd like share with other PJ64 users, please attach it to this EmuTalk thread, We will review saves and periodically upload them.Thanks in advance for your submissions!

Warning: Spoilers! Use of these save files may severely hurt your enjoyment of the games!

"Controller Pak" / Memory Pak / MemPak saves.

  • put in your Project64 \Save folder (or the folder you've configured)
  • make sure you have selected "Memory Pak" in Jabo's input plugin. if using a 3rd party input plugin, loading may be different, read plugin documentation.
  • should be compatible with all emulators and real N64.
This is real N64 save data as found in save chips in N64 carts:

  • put them in your Project64 \Save folder (or the directory youve configured)
  • usually they work with all regions of a game, but sometimes not - see region notes.
  • 4KB EEPROM, 16KB EEPROM, 32K SRAM or 128K FlashRAM data - should work in any emulator or backup unit, but you may need to rename and/or byteswap the files, see emus/system docs.